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Since its establishment, we always regard technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, with team expanding, R&D investment has continued to increase.

At present, we have nearly 2000 core patents and 1000 R&D personnel, we also established multiple R&D centers in China, India, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey and other countries, which forms a global R&D center.

We have established a systematic innovation process in the field of research and development. Through the combination of product strategic planning and advanced technology, which judges the future trend of product technology in the early stage and systematically develop innovative projects. The systematic R&D innovation system process provides company with R&D advantages.

Testing Center

Pendulum Impact Testing Bed

Acceleration head restraint pendulum impact testing machine

Armrest Comprehensive Testing Machine

Comprehensive Testing Bed

High-Low Temperature Test Chamber

Cupholder Testing Machine

Climate Altering Testing Chamber

Seat Belt Stretch Testing

Passenger Safety Security

Passenger Safety Security

Tensile Test

Ergonomics Inspection and Passing

Endurance Test

Reducing Test

Suspension Durability Test

Suspension Fatigue Test

Suspension Endurance Test