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Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Board office, #17 Yingluohe Road Daqi, Bei Lun, Ningbo

R1.Departing from Ningbo Railway station, take subway Line 2(Ningbo Railway Station) →Transfer to Subway Line 1(Gulou Station) →Wuga Station→ Transfer to No.735(Wuga bus station) →Yingluohe road&Lingyan Shan Road intersection Station→ Walk 3 minutes to arrive

R2.highway: Toward G329, Lingfeng Direction, take exit 5, go toward Wuxiang and keep left.


HR E-mail:hr@

Ningbo Jifeng Technolgy Co., Ltd.

#69 Weishi Road, Jiangnan Export Processing Zone, Beilun, Ningbo

R1.Starting from Ningbo Railway station, take No.753 bus, get off at Jingliu Road Station, walk 130 meters along Jiangnan Road, turn right into Jingliu Road, walk 720 meters along Jingliu Road, turn right into Weiliu Road, walk along 130 meters along weiliu Road.

R2.Departing from Ningbo transport center station, take No.369 and get off at the railway station, transfer to No.753 to Jingliu Road Station, and walk to the company.

R3.Departing from Gym station, take No.753/754 to Jingliu Road station and walk to the company.


HR E-mail: